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Arboloco builds regenerative and productive ecosystems. 

We can no longer be “less bad”, whether it be residential development or agriculture, humans created this system so we can recreate it

We work with landowners and small scale farmers through land restoration, permaculture design, and agroforestry.

We use theories of permaculture, agroecology, agroforestry, and organic agriculture to increase soil fertility, regenerate degraded landscapes, and ultimately create hubs of productive biodiversity across the country.  

Our clients choose us because we take a very different approach than other local companies. This creates not just a beautiful landscape, but one that is biodiverse and full of healthy food and wildlife that will ultimately make our communities more resistant to disease and changing weather conditions.

Created and operated by Erica Dixon, a regenerative farming researcher from Toronto Canada. Working with a local crew with 20+ years of experience that have been trained to work organically and regeneratively, our passion is to help individuals experience the joy interacting with their land and bring more life to it everyday. 

We have partnered with two local non-profit organizations, such as Association Community Carbon Trees and Osa Vive, reforestation and environmental protection organizations. We are proud to continue growing and providing more green jobs in Costa Rica.

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